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First things first, why risk submitting a sloppy paper that is full of errors, when you can buy an originally and carefully written essay that is free from plagiarism, just by spending a few dollars? It sounds realistic because if a smart decision like this can save your academic career at college or university, it is well worth the time, effort and every single penny spent.

Writing may be easy and most of the times you can do it without having to get external help when you have to turn in your essay on time, but when it comes to preparing a plagiarism free work that is lean, mean and clean, many students end up messing up as they have no idea how to jot down their original ideas and protecting themselves academic penalty.


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    How can we help you

    Our writers have perfected the art of writing plagiarism free essays for students like you-and the reason behind so many of them visiting us every single day for purchasing originally written work is obvious: Students are afraid to lose their semester because their writing skills do not enable them to avoid plagiarizing somebody else's research paper. Either avoid copying other people's work you find online or be prepared to get penalty by your instructor or supervisor.

    Our experienced writers will prepare your work by making sure they follow certain important guidelines that keep your essay plagiarism free. Check out how we do it.


    We will paraphrase and quote original sources properly

    This is hard for many students as it requires strong writing skills as well as the ability to expand that original idea into your own words. It is easier than done. Why? Students usually go to online sources and another option is to look at the text books for material. Since text book material too is considered an outside evidence because your instructor aims to test your own ideas and analysis, it may become difficult for you to convert those words into a completely new work. This is where we come to rescue you because paraphrasing the original sources in the best and smartest way is all in a day's work for us.


    We will cite sources properly

    Another key area where most students get stuck and end up plagiarizing their essays is citations. As discussed above, we know how to paraphrase original and outside sources, but the story does not end here: You have to cite the sources you have used in your project, in a manner that you properly identify the real author of that material. Sounds scary? It should not, but the bitter fact is, it gets hundreds of students penalized for plagiarism. We have access to tons of books and resources online and offline and our writers are smart enough to pick the most relevant sources and cite them for you.


    We will build proper reference list

    Formatting your references can be a daunting task if you happen to confuse referencing with citations, and especially if you have no idea what APA style is all about. There is a slight difference between these two, but mixing them up can cost you a lot. So, if you have instructed by your supervisor to use APA style in your essay paper and you have no idea how to properly put together a list, your best bet is to contact us and hand over your project to one of our writers.


    You will a get an authentic plagiarism report

    Plagiarism is scary and it makes sense to be on the safe side in order avoid penalty at college or university. Many students demand a plagiarism report prepared by running through top-rated software that detect the most accurate similarity index. Sounds good, doesn't it?


    We cover all types of writings

    When it comes to writing plagiarism free assignments and academic projects, we do not leave any type of writing. Be it an essay, a research or term paper, thesis, Powerpoint presentations, case studies, articles, we know how to give you the best deal for your money.



    Smart plagiarism checkers from

    EssayLeaks has been providing custom writing help to undergraduate, graduate, bachelor's and master's students. We are proud to be among the services that have gained reputation by specializing in plagiarism prevention techniques and foolproof checking guidelines. We guarantee that if our work is found to be plagiarized, we will refund your money.


    Why USA-based students trust us

    If you think you have what it takes to prepare any kind of essay, be thankful. But what if you are engaged in a part time job as many college and university students in the USA have work to bear their expenses? Will you have enough time to focus on exhaustive, tiring research for your term papers? Chances are, you will end up marring not only your grades but your part time job as well. Or you may be one of those students who find it hard to narrow down the internet search and produce 100% plagiarism free essays, as the Internet is inundated with tons of information-relevant and irrelevant. This is where EssayLeaks comes to rescue you and put your mind at ease. If you have tons of time, you are probably better off doing the research on your own-but if time is an issue for you, getting term paper help by EssayLeaks will pay off in the long run because you know what grades mean to you.


    Need paper with no plagiarism within tight deadline

    In our decade-old writing career, we have come to notice that tight deadlines are often responsible for plagiarism found in assignments. Admit it or not, handling multiple research papers in a limited time is a real nerve-racking job. And this stress will force you to purchase non-plagiarized custom research papers. Being college/university student, you are well aware how time limitation can have you in trouble. Key to staying out of academic woes is to get your hands on a research paper that is tailored to fit your writing style. It is even more difficult to write essays without plagiarism when you are strapped for time but with an entire writing and editing team working full-time at its best, it is no difficult a task as it appears at the outset.


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